Lesson Plan

Girl Child Project

Subject: Language Arts
Duration: One class period

Read and discuss autobiographical essays about the daily lives of girls from Georgia, Guyana, and Uganda.


  • Identify and describe activities of daily life for girls living in Georgia, Guyana, and Uganda.
  • Compare and contrast their own culture with those of other children around the world.
  • Describe their daily lives through a storytelling activity.



  • Divide students into small groups.
  • Assign one country and/or personal essay to each group and provide students copy of personal essays accordingly.
  • Assign adult facilitators to each group. Facilitators¬†will help learners read their assigned personal essay.¬†After groups are finished reading, Facilitators should ask learners to review and discuss the question below. Group facilitators should assist in and encourage group discussions as needed.
    • Look on a map and find the country described in the personal essay you read. What are some other countries that surround it?
    • Does the girl you read about go to school? What does she study?
    • What does the girl do for fun?
    • What food do the girl and her family eat?
    • What are some of the chores the girl does regularly?
    • What was your favorite part of this personal essay?
    • When you read your story, where there any parts of the story that are similar to your life here in the US?
    • What did you think of the story you read? What was unique? What was surprising to you?
  • After learners have had time to discuss each question, encourage volunteers to share ideas and responses with the large group.
  • Pass out copies of the Tell Your Story activity to each group and give students time to brainstorm and answer questions about their own lives as a follow-up activity.

Assessment & Evaluation

Participation in discussions and understanding of the assignment.