5 Simple Steps to Promote a Charity Fundraiser on Facebook

With close to two billion users, Facebook has a larger population than any country in the world.  With that many people, almost all kinds of human activity have a presence, and that includes charity and philanthropy. When you want to promote your cause among your “friends” and others, Facebook makes it easy to do.  You can raise awareness, publicize events, and even raise funds through this digital network.  If you’re registered as a Facebook user (it’s free, at, here are the five steps you follow to run an online charity fundraiser.


  1. Create a Fundraiser
  • Click on the Create menu on the left side of your Facebook page, or the dropdown menu in the header bar:
  • Select “Fundraiser”


  1. Identify WHO the funds will Benefit
  • You can select Non-profits (Facebook lets you search an extensive list of charities and causes), Friends, or yourself.


  1. Fill in the Details
  • Add the name, an eye-catching image, and reasons why people should donate. Be clear about how the funds will be used.
  • Tell your story. Give people something to relate to.
  • Announce your goal. Be ambitious, but not greedy.
  • Announcing a date when the fundraiser will finish adds urgency.

  1. Spread the Word
  • Share the creation of your fundraiser with friends, and encourage them to share it with their network as well.
  • Fundraisers are public, so anyone can view them, which makes sense, because you want to reach the widest audience.
  • However, only Facebook members can contribute.
  1. Accept Donations
  • Donations go directly to you, as the organizer
  • You are responsible for any associated taxes
  • Facebook and the Payment Processor charge a percentage of each donation as a fee.

Facebook has additional tools that you can use to help give back.  In coming weeks, we’ll highlight ways you can use social media—including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other networks—to bring attention and support to your cause or event.

Because when you’re doing something good, people want to help.