Five Volunteer Opportunities for Teens in Atlanta this Summer

Thought leaders from all around the internet seem to enjoy railing against today’s “self-absorbed” Gen Z. for being plugged in yet disconnected from the real world, consumed by selfishness and selfies, and great at texting but horrible at face-to-face interaction.

Are Linksters really one of the most self-absorbed generations in history? Maybe teens are looking for volunteer opportunities, it’s just that no one is watching.

In fact, according to the Millennial Impact Report, today’s teens and young adults are involved, engaged and committed.  84% made a charitable donation in 2014, the year of the study, and 70% spent at least an hour volunteering for a cause that they care about. They give their time and their talents in all kinds of surprising and creative ways, and go out of their way to support the causes they’re passionate about.

If you’re looking to volunteer, now’s the time! With summer almost here, there are lots of great opportunities for teens like you to volunteer in the Atlanta area, from helping the homeless, to educating the elderly, to providing for kids in Africa, and so much more!  Here are five ways that you can give back to your community this season, and earn valuable volunteer experience as well:

  1. Lift Up Atlanta

  • What they do: Provide homeless women and children in the metro Atlanta area with safe housing, food, clothing and other services.
  • How you can help: Participate in Hot meal program, tutoring, Backpack/School Supply Drive and more
  1. BlueHair Technology Group

  • What they do: Teach older adults how to use technology.
  • How you can help: Assist older adults in the use of tablets, smartphones, and e-readers.


  1. Books for Africa

  • What they do: Send books to Africa.
  • How you can help: Sort and pack books by category and age level.


  1. Animal Savers Rescue

  • What they do: Help alleviate the plight of homeless, neglected, and abandoned cats and dogs
  • How you can help: Provide animals with foster and medical care and eventual placement into permanent, loving homes.


  1. Atlanta Community Food Bank

  • What they do: Produces and distributes food and groceries to nonprofit partner agencies serving families and individuals in Atlanta.
  • How you can help: Lend daily support and help staff special events.


Still looking for a volunteer opportunity that matches your particular passion?  No worries! Go to and use our search engine to find more volunteer opportunities in your area.


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