Kids Helping Kids – the FundaField Story

Garrett, Kyle and Kira Weiss grew up avid soccer fans.  In 2006, they got to travel from California to the World Soccer championships in Germany.  There they met soccer players from around the world, and learned that even in developing nations, playing is at the center of kids’ lives.  That’s even more true for kids in impoverished nations who have little else. Soccer is everything for them. Kyle and his siblings wanted to help them out – with shoes, equipment and uniforms. Till a friend pointed out that, first, players need a field to play on.


That was when they decided to start FUNDaFIELD – Kids Helping Kids.

To date, FUNDaFIELD has built 11 soccer fields in four countries and given thousands of children a chance to play. They’ve raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and expanded their work into providing wheelchairs and fighting AIDS.


When asked how they made all this happen, co-founder Kyle likes to quote his hero, Nelson Mandela, who said,

“It always seems impossible, until it’s done.”





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