Make It a Volunteer Valentines Day – 5 Ways to Show Your Love by Giving Back

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and many of us are facing an annual challenge – what to get that special someone – flowers, chocolate, dinner?  This year, knock yourself out, go for all three, but while you’re at it, consider the option of making a gift that has a more lasting impact and show your love with something that changes the world. Here are five ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving back.

  1. SAY IT WITH FLOWERS – Volunteer at a Community Garden, Stop and smell the roses, plus all the other plants that brighten up your town. If you live in a big city, look into helping to maintain the trees and plants that line your sidewalks.
  2. PET SOUNDSHelp out at an Animal Shelter. Helping the needy doesn’t have to stop with people.  The Humane Society will welcome your help as a dog walker, puppy bather, training assistant or other helper.  Treat your loved one to a day with the animals you love – it’s a gift for you and
  3. TURN WINE INTO WATER – for a fun Valentine’s party, organize a wine-tasting fund raiser and donate the proceeds to The Water Project, a global initiative to supply clean water in sub-Saharan Africa.
  4. VISIT A SENIOR NEIGHBOR stop by a neighbor and offer to help out with chores, cleanup or transportation.
  5. STUFF ‘LOVE BASKETS’ Gather a group of friends and load up sacks with useful items to share with the homeless: warm socks, water bottles, phone cards, healthy snacks, etc. Spend Valentine’s Day giving them out in your community. Then do it again the next day, because people need help all year long.

There are so many ways to show you care about someone by showing that you care about everyone. To help you find more activities that match your age, location, and interests, check out Causes at KidsThatDoGood.