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How to Promote Your Fundraiser or Event on Eventbrite in 5 Quick Steps

Learn how the free and powerful event platform Eventbrite can help your next fundraiser or meetup.

Eventbrite is the newest free site for users to find local concerts, lectures, meetups and experiences of all kinds.  The site is also proving to be a powerful way for organizers of charitable events to reach a large and local audience.










Eventbrite will not only give you a place to host your event page (which you can also do on, but also lets you list your event on the Eventbrite network for free.  Users can search the Eventbrite site to locate experiences by place, date or interest category, and then purchase tickets online.

Here’s all you need to know to get started setting up your Eventbrite page.

  1. Enter your event details

  • Add the title, date, time and location
  • Include an eye-catching image
  • Add the name, place, date, and a cover photo
  • Add information about the event organizer (that’s YOU and your organization)

2. Create Tickets – Eventbrite is perfect for fundraising events, with the option to purchase tickets built into the platform. Eventbrite gives a discounted rate to 501(c)(3) nonprofits (if you aren’t selling tickets, it’s free!)

  • Create free or paid tickets
  • Set prices, if you’re charging admission. You can set prices for groups of tickets at different levels.
  • Set the total capacity for the venue, and track sales accordingly.
  • You can also include a category for non-attending Donations

3. Enter additional relevant details

  • Mark your page Public (to be listed in Eventbrite search listings) or Private (to limit visibility to invited guests
  • Select an event Type and Topic
  • Optionally, you can show the number of tickets remaining

4. Promote your event for free.

  • Eventbrite offers free tools like custom email invitations, custom URL’s, built-in social sharing, and targeted event recommendations.

5. Cross-promote. You can use Eventbrite in combination with other listing services and platforms to let people know about your event.  Facebook has its own set of tools for setting up and publicizing charitable events, or share it with the Kids That Do Good community.

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