Kids That Do Good Is a Teaching Tool is a volunteerism website founded by Jake and Max Klein, 14-year-old brothers from Edgewater, New Jersey, that connects young people (and people of all ages) to charitable and community service organizations where they can donate time and expertise. The concept for the site was born when the twins were looking for ways to give back, and found themselves blocked from many activities due to age limitations.  In the short time that the site has been active, it has listed hundreds of causes on its searchable pages, and been visited by thousands of kids, parents and corporations looking to give back.

The Kids That Do Good community is built around the idea that service, and action for positive change, is something everyone can do, at any age. That’s why part of the community’s mission is helping to educate students, parents and causes on How to Do Good.

In recent months, educators in New Jersey have been able to use the KidsThatDoGood website as a teaching tool, with third-graders viewing news clips and video about Jake and Max from local and national news programs (available on, and middle schoolers searching the site and selecting activities to participate in, and report on, during the coming year.

We encourage teachers to explore the site and make use of the opportunities you find there. In early 2017, the site will add a Service Tracker that allows registered users to keep track of community service hours.  We also welcome you to share student and educator essays and reports for our blog pages.

Kids That Do Good teach kids to do good. Join us.