We Want to Help You

Does your organization need volunteers? Kids That Do Good is an ever-evolving resource that lets kids at any age – including adults – support local and national causes. It’s a great place for volunteers to meet organizations they may not know about, and for orgs to tap into a national network of energetic and creative helpers.

Here’s how it works: brings together causes, charities, service and support groups from across the nation, organized by:

  • AGE: does your organization have a minimum, or a target, age for volunteers?
  • INTEREST: volunteers can search by categories or keywords like Health, Environment, Human Rights, and others.
  • LOCATION: volunteers can find local or national organizations where individuals, families or groups can participate.

When you join and list your cause on Kids That Do Good, we’ll post images and descriptions of your organization and activities, plus links to your website and ways for volunteers to connect. You’ll also be able to post events, updates and success stories on our blog pages.

Kids That Do Good is NOT a fund-raiser, but we ARE a connector, bringing your cause to the attention of volunteers, clubs, charitable organizations and community-active pro-social corporations.
Join us. You’ll be in good company.